Calgary heritage housing

formerly "Calgary West Seniors Housing Society"

Our Goals

Honesty and Integrity
Building a trust relationship where seniors can feel that they will not be taken advantage of or exploited.

Remember that we are in the ‘people business’ as opposed to just the ‘housing business’.  Focusing on each individual as a person with unique concerns and special needs and demonstrating a loving concern for each individual.

Providing tangible help
Assist and advise tenants in obtaining community-based support services, thereby helping them to maintain a healthy and functionally independent lifestyle.

Provide opportunity and facilities for tenant social activities

subsidized housing for functionally independent seniors

There are nine properties managed by Calgary Heritage Housing consisting of 479 self-contained suites.  These buildings are owned by the Government of Alberta, and governed by a Board of Directors made up of businessmen and women who donate their time as a service to the community.  Along with the stewardship of a non-profit organization, they are dedicated to providing the leadership necessary to be a place you would be proud to call home.

Our Mission