Calgary heritage housing

formerly "Calgary West Seniors Housing Society"

How to Apply for Housing


Lease signing

When we have a unit to offer to you, we will contact you to arrange a viewing and to sign a lease agreement. 

Before a lease agreement can be signed, the following steps must be taken:

  1. All income must be updated and verified by copies of monthly income cheques or your latest bank statement, showing direct deposit of pension cheques. We also need to see your current "Notice of Assessment" from Revenue Canada. (This notice is required at the time of application).
  2. We require verification that you have a Tenant's Insurance Package with a liability minimum of $1 million.
  3. Applicant must be on hand to sign the lease and ready to occupy the suite.
  4. Keys will not be issued and nothing can be moved into a suite until the lease is signed and insurance verified.
  5. Appointments for signing the lease or making a move-in inspection will only be made for a regular workday and scheduled office hours.   No appointment will be made on a Holiday or a weekend.
  6. You are required to have a personal will and supply us with information concerning the executor.
  7. If you are not ready to move, when we offer you a suite, your name will drop to the bottom of the Waiting List.
  8. We will require a non-refundable $100 deposit cheque when we assign a suite to you. When you move into the suite, the $100 deposit will be applied toward your first month's rent.